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Attachment Parenting: Let me love my baby

“You’re such a Smother Mother.”

What is a smother mother? If you look it up on, it’s defined as “When a guys mother is over protective, won’t let him date but he still does so she gives hell to the girl.” And then they proceed to use the hashtags: #mother #protective #girl #date #hell

[insert laughing emoji face here]

Clearly, this is not the case for myself as my baby boy is only 1.5-years old. In fact, my definition is quite the contrary.

My definition of smother mother is that I am completely head over heels in love with my child. I try my hardest to provide him a positive atmosphere for every breath that he breathes. I love his slobbery kisses. His bear hugs are my favorite.

So what if me being a smother mother also entails being connected at the hip.

Does it really concern you that I find joy in watching him sleep?

We bedshare. Wanna pass judgement on that?

Or even better, we’re still breastfeeding. 🤗

Im a first-time mom and he’s my baby. I should be able to enjoy those things with out being scrutinized. (Especially from people who don’t have children themselves. — In fact, the absolute worst kind of parental advice is the advice that comes out of someone’s mouth who has never procreated.)

One day my baby will be all grown up and I won’t have the choice to kiss him when I want and snuggle up to his tiny body and hold his chunky little hands. He won’t want to spend an hour nursing and twirling my hair.

In a few years, his world won’t revolve around me.

So Let me love him. ❤️

Let me love him the way I want to love him.

2 thoughts on “Attachment Parenting: Let me love my baby

  1. I LOVE this! Thank you! My baby is 3 years old and we still co-sleep and still breastfeeding. I love reading your posts. – a fellow smother mother


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