The Not-So-Glamorous Side of a Work From Home Mom

So about today.

Today, I was this close to losing my shit. (And if you could see me through the computer, you’d see my pointer finger and my thumb are showing you just how very close I was.)

In fact, if not for it being 6pm and this glass of wine sitting beside me, I’d probably be on the floor wallowing in my tears. — Ok that’s a just tad dramatic.

When you think “work from home mom,” you probably imagine Susie Homemaker, sewing her quilts and selling them on Etsy while her child (or children) play nicely and quietly on the floor with their toys. (HA! HA!)

You probably think the husband comes home from lunch to a perfectly made turkey sandwich, possibly a side of freshly cut veggies and an ice-cold coke. There’s probably laundry drying and the master bed is perfectly made. I can see it now.. the perfect work from home scenario.

Are you ready for the reality of it?

The Not-So-Glamorous Truth

The not-so-glamorous truth, about being a work from home mom, means I’m actually juggling a bijillion things at once. What’s refresing, is that we have a Nanny here with Beckham most of the day, but you still find yourself showing her what to feed the baby, how to cut his hotdog into perfect quarter-sized pieces, packing his swim bag, etc. etc.

The not-so-glamorous truth about being a work from home mom, means I’m actually juggling a bijillion things at once.

You’ve got dirty dishes in the sink so you actually end up washing them in between checking PPC and having a scheduled call with a client. On top of that, your parents.. they don’t really believe that you work from home. They think you sit there and twiddle your fingers so they call you at the most appropriate times just to “see what’s up.” (Dad I love you but I totally have to call you out on that one.)

But the epic scenario that had me almost lose my shit today was this one:

So.. I had a video call with my boss and a client today. My husband, Eric was supposed to be at the house before it started so I wouldn’t have to worry about Beckham. (The sitter had just left to grab lunch and I had a 30-minute window to scarf down my own meal)

Five minutes until the meeting starts, my boss messages me “Hey want to get together 5-minutes early to discuss the meeting?”


I scramble around the house real quick trying to decide what to do with my 18-month-old until Eric arrives to take over. I have two choices:

Choice #1: Lock him out on the patio. At least I’ll see him through the sliding glass door but the client nor my boss, will be able to hear him. “Oh my gawd Katelyn, NO YOU CAN NOT DO THAT!”

On to Choice #2: Put him in the bubble bath. He loves baths, he’ll be super quiet and play with his toys.

Boom, done.

I go with choice #2. Bath water is running, baby is undressed in placed into the tub, bubbles are forming, toys have been dumped. Run to my office, grab my computer, run back to the hall so that I am in clear view of baby but ready for the meeting..

Side note: At this point I had sent Eric several (violent) text messages hindering him to get home NOW.

1 minute until the meeting: I call in. As I’m greeted by my boss and the client, I see Beckham splashing and having a great time in the bath.


I contemplate on muting my microphone when I’m not speaking, but hey, he’s being good, I’ll just keep it O-


A shriek of horror from Beckham. Mic was NOT muted. I think I turned bright red but I mute my mic immediately. Hmm..maybe they didn’t hear that.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Splash splash, splash… “HEY HEY HEY HEY”

My child has decided it’s time to be as loud as possible. I’m muted at this point, thankfully, but trying to hold my composure while listening in on the meeting. I’m dying inside. WHERE THE HELL IS MY HUSBAND?!

“Katelyn? Katelyn?”

My boss is asking me a question. Damn it. Unmute. “Yes, yes I totally agree,” I stammer. As Beckham shrieks yet again,“AHHHHHHHHHHH! UGHHHHH” *splash splash splash* That’s it. I’m caught. I’m fired. I’m done. Oh my husband, he doesn’t know what’s coming for him. I send another threatening text.

This process continues for about another half hour. At one point, my poor boss assures the client that I’m a remote employee and work from home. The last thing we need is her thinking we run an illegal daycare on the side.

As the meeting ends and the clients signs off, I’m left with my boss staring at me through the computer screen.

“I’m so sorry!” I stammer.

He laughs and brushes it off. “It’s okay, she knows your remote.”


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