Breastfeeding & Weaning My Toddler Update

As promised, here is my most recent updating of the Breastfeeding Weaning Process of my toddler who is now 19 months-old.

Breastfeeding and Weaning My Toddler

After our pediatrician recommended I stop breastfeeding him, because “I was no longer providing him with nutrients,” I started to slowly drop feeding sessions. You can read the beginning of our weaning journey here: How to wean your toddler without losing your sh*t. 

I appreciate ALL of the support from my fellow Smother Mothers!



5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding & Weaning My Toddler Update

  1. My infants and toddlers program are trying to help me also. One beginner tip is try to get him initiate to bed first, without boo boo. That way he doesn’t associate bed time with nursing. You may have to skip a day time or evening nap to ensure he is super tired. I don’t have a husband so my oldest son 15 tries to lay him down with my 2 yr old. Then. During the night he’ll come to my bed. I’m sometimes ok with it but i hate the crying also. So give it a try!


    1. @Jenn Thank you so much. Last night was our first night without boo boo for bedtime. He cried for an hour straight. It was so sad but I was right there with him, holding him and patting his back and kissing him. (To let him know it was all going to be ok.) He finally wore himself out and passed out. Ugh –so hard being a mama! LOL


  2. I tried to wean Memphis, and it was harder than just letting him nurse. I know you want him to hit that target weight, but I would just stop trying to meet that standard and nurse your baby and sleep with your baby if you want. Memphis has finally quit on his own and and almost fully sleeping by himself (by choice). I MISS IT. I remember being fusterated nursing a “toddler” especially because it was more security and less him needing it, but it was such a comfort for me probably more than him. Your baby will not be nursing and still going to college, so let it happen naturally if you want. As far as nutrients, try giving him more nutrient dense food when he does eat food, or try one of those supplement drinks for children, pedisure. Thats what my doctor always recommended for Marek. I also think their “average” weight standards have changed a lot over the years, kids are bigger now than they were just a few years ago and starting puberty a lot younger, maybe due to all the hormones and additives in food idk that’s another subject lol. Beckham looks fine and healthy. I would do what makes you and him happy.


  3. I don’t have any advice really but I am in the same boat. We don’t have the weight issue, my girl is a chunk… but I do feel like it’s time to wean her. She is almost 20 months and sleeps in our bed as well. I nurse her to sleep and when she wakes up (which usually isn’t til 4/5 AM).. then usually off and on until we get up around 8. Tonight is going to be my first night trying to get her down without nursing. My ped said she had some luck with cutting out the nursing to sleep and then the night time feedings decreased on their own as her kids got used to not having to have it to go to sleep so that’s what I’m going to try. I imagine I will also have an hour or more of crying and holding her, patting her, etc. while she gets to sleep. I am so nervous/upset/sad about it even though I know it’s time.. it’s so hard!! I do want to continue cosleeping at least for now so I’m really hoping this isn’t too painful. My ped also told me that she found it much easier to transition them to their own rooms first and I am just not ready for that! Good luck, mama!


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