10 Reasons Why Your Childhood Besties Will Never Be Replaced

As we grow older and we try to make new friends during adulthood, we quickly realize that the connections just aren’t how they were when were were 12 and 15. The friends we make when we’re young are the people who know us best, the ones we trust the most and can always count on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some amazing people in the workforce and during my post-college days. But no connection sparks the way it does with my childhood besties.

In celebration of National Best Friend’s Day, here are ten reasons why your childhood besties will never be replaced with your friends from adulthood.

1. They’ve seen you at your worst.


Yeah, you may be a well-adjusted, confident adult these days but where were you in 7th grade? The days before hair straighteners, winged eyeliner, and contouring. It’s okay. I get it. If I showed you a picture of myself when I was 13 compared to now, you’d probably pee your pants. Who’s idea was the sun in spray?

2. They got you through your first middle-school relationship.


Yep, they sat right beside you as you dialed the home phone number of your crush. Nowadays, do people even talk on cellphones?

Bonus point if they were there for your first REAL relationship AND the heartbreak that came with it.

3. They’ve seen your mama’s crazy.


Only a real friend has seen you get yelled at and grounded by your mom. They’ve seen her show the crazy side a time or two.

Oh and remember the school talent show where she made a big deal about your performance and embarrassed the crap out of you? Yep, your childhood besties have seen it all.

4. They may be the sibling you never had.


Growing up, I didn’t have a sibling until I turned 8 years old. Until then, my childhood besties were my siblings. If not by blood, then definitely by behavior. I mean, who else was I going fight with, tattle on, and protect from school bullies?

5. You don’t have to explain ANYTHING to them. They get it.


Whether it’s a side eye or a smirk.. they know exactly what you’re thinking without even saying it out loud. It’s like you share the same brain. Adult friends just don’t have that super power.

6. You’ve spent your whole life together.


Most of my childhood besties came from elementary school. You grow up with these people. You go through all the phases of life with these people. From pre-k through college, you’re looking at 20 years of friendship. They’ve been there for ALL the firsts. First kiss, first speeding ticket, first time getting drunk, first… well you get the picture.

7. Your family is their family.


With adult friends, it’s not everyday that you get the chance to introduce them to your parents. But with your childhood besties, they call your mom and dad their mom and dad. And they know ALL the embarrassing family secrets.

8. They know your weaknesses, but would never hold them against you.


Sure you may push each other’s buttons. But you would never sell them out, you’re way past that.

9. Going out with them is always a blast.


–Because every moment you’re together brings up a great memory from the past. You’re like the guys ‘er girls in white chicks when “A Thousand Miles” comes on.

10. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed. Nothing changes.


With adult friends, if you don’t talk for a month then the next time you’re together, you have to start from the bottom up. With childhood besties, it’s different. You can go days, months, years, and nothing changes. That’s the beauty of childhood friends.


Author: Smother Mother Kate

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