When You Have a Baby Boy

When you have a baby boy..

A poem to my son, Beckham.

When you have a baby boy, you wake up to little feet running down the hallway. You see the top of a little head at the foot of your bed with both hands in the air ready for a good morning hug.

When you have a baby boy, you find Hotwheels hidden throughout the house. Some in your bed sheets, one in your shoe, a couple under the bathroom sink.

When you have a baby boy, your snack cabinet stays empty. There’s Cheerios in between the couch cushions and you’re greeted with Cheeto kisses.

When you have a baby boy, you have to watch him figure out his man parts without laughing. Sometimes you’ll smack his hand when you catch him playing with it, but he’ll just laugh back at you.

When you have a baby boy, you find half-eaten peanut butter crackers in your Louis Vuitton purse.

When you have a baby boy, potty training isn’t easy. You go back and forth wondering if you should teach him to sit on the toilet or stand like dad and the only advice you get from friends is to throw fruit loops in the toilet and tell him to aim.

When you have a baby boy, you learn about all the Superheros. And with Superheros comes super powers and jumping off of the bed because “he was pretending he could fly like Superman does.”

When you have a baby boy, pedicures are replaced with truck foot massages. You’re legs turn into a car track and your head is where they all like to “crash.”

When you have a baby boy, your Saturdays are taken up by little league sports events and you have a newfound love for chili dogs and soda. You find yourself doing laundry over and over again because his clothes are filled with dirt and grass stains.

When you have a baby boy, you find yourself at the brink of insanity before he gently eases you off of the ledge with a sweet kiss, and laugh from his perfectly timed fart.

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Author: Smother Mother Kate

Katelyn isn't a regular mom. She's a cool mom and creator of The Smother Mother.

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  1. Katelyn, what a sweet ode to your son, Beckham! He sure is lucky to have you as mother. I’m not a mother but your poem stirs the motherly emotions in me. It warms my heart. ❤️ God bless your lovely family. Much Love, Vidushi from HubSpot Bootcamp Training xox

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