Please Don’t Kiss My Baby on the Lips

Here’s a Smother Mother confession that I’m sure all mamas can relate to: I cringe when people kiss my baby on the face. Especially: the lips.

It’s crazy for me to even have to say this but I’ve seen it happen before and omg I could honestly take my heel off and chunk it at the perpetrators face.

I need you to listen carefully: fight the urge. Kiss him on the head. Kiss his toes but DO NOT KISS MY BABY ON THE LIPS.

Here’s Why I Don’t Want You To Kiss My Baby on the Lips

The terrifying truth is that almost 50% of the US population has oral herpes (HSV-1). And most of those who have it, don’t even know they have it because it can live dormant in your system.

What’s even more scary is that people who have oral herpes, got it as a child from being kissed on the lips by a friend or relative who had the virus.


People with herpes may show no signs of the virus

Once herpes infects a host, it travels along nerve cells to live dormant in their roots. Most people never have any symptoms so they’re unaware that they even carry the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1). 

But 2 out of 3 people under the age of 50 have it. 2 out of 3! That’s a staggering 3.7 billion people with a (currently) incurable virus. Fortunately, an adult’s immune system can battle the virus just fine and so exposure to it through kissing is not a huge concern. At worst, it will result in a cold sore.

But for a baby? It can be deadly. Babies do not have the immunity that we have.

I urge you, as a friend or relative of my child, do not kiss him. You could have the virus and not even know you have it!

I want to share with you guys, a story about a newborn baby, Mariana, who passed away last week after contracting viral meningitis caused by HSV-1. It’s believed that baby Mariana, who was only 3 weeks old, contracted the deadly virus from a kiss. What’s even more disheartening is that both of her parents tested negative for the virus, which meant a visitor who kissed the baby, passed it on.

Since the death of her newborn, mother Nicole urges parents: “Keep your babies isolated. Don’t let just anyone come visit them. Make sure they are constantly washing their hands. Don’t let people kiss your baby and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby.”

There are precautions for parents to keep their newborns safe from infections:

  1. Always make visitors wash their hands before handling the baby.
  2. Avoid direct contact with people who have symptoms of an infection.
  3. Ensure all caregivers have received vaccinations.

Please, listen to me when I ask that you don’t kiss my baby on the lips.

It’s not about you. It’s about the safety of my child.



Author: Smother Mother Kate

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  1. I’m so glad that you shared your concern regarding this issue, in doing so, your spreading awareness about how dangerous doing something as innocent as kissing a baby, can be deadly. I came across the article your referring to, just browsing, and I was so appalled by what happened to that precious baby girl, I actually shared it on my facebook page. I scroll down my page regularly, and seeing that baby girl broke my heart over and over again. I just had to delete it. I’m so thankful the parents of the victim decided to share their horrific story, and even though this story is so heartbreaking, their precious baby girl is already touching lives and changing lives. I have learned just how serious this issue is, and I will never allow, my baby to be kissed by anyone. This changed my life forever, and again… I am so thankful that you also, have brought awareness to all smother mothers! To all smother mothers out there, DO NOT BE AFRAID, to ask someone or anyone for that matter, “PLEASE… DO NOT KISS MY BABY”! Smother Mother of 2.

  2. To ALL Smother Mother’s out there, PLEASE, DO NOT BE AFRAID, OR EMBARRASSED, to ask friends, family members, or anyone for that matter, “PLEASE, DO NOT KISS MY BABY”! Your not deliberately trying to hurt feelings, or offend, it’s about the safety of your baby! Smother Mother of 2.

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