Confessions of a Working Mom

Oh working Mama, I see you over there balancing work and family. Running late in the mornings because you forgot to pack last night’s lunches. Coming home to a messy house, kissing boo boos, cooking dinner, folding week-old laundry, refereeing bath-time, and giving goodnight kisses.

By the time you have “alone time,” you struggle between staying up to binge watch Netflix with the hubs or go to sleep because you’re so facking exhausted.

Oh yes, I see you and I totally get it.

But as a full-time working mama I find myself not only feeling exhausted but also guilty. I wish so badly I could give the the ‘extras’ that stay at home mamas are able to provide to their babies (and husbands). An “extra” clean house, “extra” emotional support, “extra” snuggles.

At this time in my life, my husband and I aren’t able to have that luxury. We like to splurge sometimes and love love love to travel, and to keep up with our lifestyle, we both need to contribute financially.

Besides that, I really do love what I do and I feel like it’s the little piece of me that I have not given up since becoming a mom. Because believe me I have sacrificed a lot more since I gave birth.

So for those mamas out there still clocking in 40+ hours a week. I want to tell you something: You’re doing a wonderful job.

I’ve had this heavy on my heart this week and I need to share some inspiration for all the working mamas out there to keep doing what they’re doing.

Here’s Why You Should ‘Be Ok’ With Being a Working Mom

1. Sometimes working is easier than parenting.

Yes, work is hard but raising a tiny human is like trying to nail jelly to a wall.

2. It’s nice to have structure in my life.

Work provides an outlet for my passion and creativity, it also presents order, I thrive on structure and schedules. (Ones that don’t include napping and changing diapers).

3. It positions me as a good role model for my kid.

My little one may not understand right now, but one day he will see that his mama did everything in her power to provide the very best for him and I hope it inspires him to do the same for his children.

4. Working enriches my marriage.

My husband loves that I’m ambitious and hardworking. And heller, powerful women are irresistible.

5. It gives me a free “get out of jail card” on a messy house.

Because I work 40+ hours a week, my husband doesn’t come home ordering a clean, spotless house. We put the work in, as a team.

6. At the office, good work gets recognized.

Ahhh, this one is fun! You can spend hours upon hours working on something special for your kid (like a gourmet dinner) just for him to slap it out of your hands in the high chair. Not at work. When I spend hours on a project, I get recognized for it!

7. It’s a confidence booster.

If I was home all day with the little babe, I would probably stay in my pj’s and never put on mascara. (Which hey, I’m totally down with this) But it’s nice to freshen up and feel pretty some days. A little confidence booster for ya.

8. I’m able to afford a little luxury.

It’s true, I work so that I can afford nice things. Plus, the fact that I bring money into the household makes me feel less guilty about the occasional splurge. (Shhh!)

Working makes me the best mom I can be and I hope my child is able to understand that one day.

Mama tries and she tries really hard.

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