It’s True: Girls Potty Train Earlier Than Boys

Yep, it’s true. Although every child is different, in general, girls tend to potty train before boys do.

In a two-year study by the Medical College of Wisconsin (2002), researchers found:

  • Girls stayed dry during the day at 32.5 months, boys at 35 months.
  • Girls showed an interest in the potty at 24 months, boys at 26 months.
  • Girls stayed dry for two hours at a time at 26 months, boys at 29 months.
  • Girls verbalized their need to go to the bathroom at 26 months while boys verbalized it at 29 months.

In 2000, a Brazilian study saw similar differences between male and females, with about 28% of girls and 21% of boys out of diapers during the day by 24 months, and about 11% of girls and 75% of boys out of diapers at night by 24 months.

In the United States, researchers have also found that children now learn to use the potty at a later age than in the past. Older reports suggest that most kids were potty trained between the ages of 18 and 24 months, but toddlers today are trained, on average, at 22 to 30 months.

Some say it’s easier for girls to learn because they only have one position to learn (sitting down) whereas boys have to learn two positions.  And just the mere fact that they have a choice complicates the process.

Note: The experts at Potty Training Concepts suggest boys should be potty trained sitting down.

Don’t get discouraged, mamas

So for all you boy moms (and even girl moms) out there. If you’re discouraged with potty training your toddler, don’t be. Every child is different and we need to let our children learn at their own pace.

On a personal note, my 24 month old is terrified to sit on the toilet. That’s not to say he doesn’t approach the “golden throne” like his father does, but his willy doesn’t even reach the bowl. 


Author: Smother Mother Kate

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  1. I’m so happy you posted about this! We are preparing for potty training, we plan on going full potty at 15 months. For now we just sat out all the supplies so that he can become use to seeing them. One of my friends potty trained her daughter at 13 months and asked if I’ll be starting Ethan soon, first he has no verbal communication yet to express the need to go, second he enjoys washing his hands on his own but also enjoys sticking his hands into the toliet so I don’t think we are quite there yet! LOL

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