8 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Get Pregnant

The first trimester was total hell for me. I hated it. I cried all the time. I was sick all the time. It was bad.

This article was actually written by me during my first trimester. I had started a journal-type blog called ‘The Pregnant Bride’ to document my pregnancy experience. This lasted a whole week or two because ..hello.. I was pregnant and felt like crap the whole time.

If you’re one of those pregnant women who’s glowing and loving your experience then this article probably won’t resonate with you. BUT, if you’re feeling awkwardly shaped and popping ginger candies like they’re going out of style, then hopefully you’ll enjoy these tips.

8 things they don’t tell you when you get pregnant

first trimester

1. It’s not morning sickness

One of the most annoying parts of my first trimester was the misconception of morning sickness. Whoever named it “morning” sickness was a liar. It’s not “morning” sickness, it’s all day sickness. If you’re fortunate enough, you won’t have to suffer through these horrible first couples of weeks, but if you’re the average pregnant women, you will probably feel it a few times before you hit your second trimester.

My best advice:

Saltines & Gingerale

I literally tried everything under the sun during my sickness spell. You’ll read it in every baby book that you buy but I’m gonna say it anyways, saltine crackers. I nibbled these throughout the day to get through the sickness. I also tried sipping ginger ale. Both of these tactics were a band-aid for the nausea but eventually, you will get sick of crackers and soda. It’s worth a try though.

Seabands and Preggie Pops

I also tried the seabands and preggie pops. I don’t know if either of these are a legit remedy for your sickness but the week that I used them, they worked. After the seventh day though, I couldn’t suck on another preggie pop. So use them sparingly. 

Ginger Root

Ginger is supposed to be a natural remedy for nausea. Like I mentioned earlier, I got sick of ginger ale after a while so I went to CVS and bought over-the-counter ginger root capsules. I would take these with my meal and usually, it would calm my tummy for a few hours. This would probably be my biggest recommendation- and it’s totally safe for the little babes.

2. You’re going to cry about everything

Although I was told that pregnancy would welcome lots of hormones, no one told me that I would cry over every little thing. I mean everything. Sad Publix commercial during dinner, cry. Old movie that reminds you of childhood, cry. Driving by some road kill on the way to work, cry.

My poor husband was a great trooper during my emotional phase but I’m telling you, it was hard work. The good news is that you do eventually get over it. If the emotions get too severe, go see your doctor. Not all medicines are not healthy for the baby but I am a true believer in the importance of mental health and doing what you need to do to survive.

My best advice:

Take lots of bubble baths. Go get a blizzard from dairy queen. Take a nap. Read your bible. Read a book. Anything that gets your mind off of things, and isn’t dangerous to the baby, do it. 

3. You’re bladder is going to die

Okay so not literally, but figuratively, your growing uterus is going to squish the crap out of your bladder, and all of your other organs. I find myself running to the bathroom triple times more than I ever have in my life.

My best advice:

Invest in some Depends underwear.  You know the kind you can urinate in. Then you can just let it out whenever you want. (Hehehe, totally kidding on this one. There’s really nothing you can do about the bladder. It gets better once the baby comes out.)

4. You will never quench your thirst

I mean never. You will always be thirsty. We have bought so many cases of bottled water because I go through them like crazy. Stay away from sugary drinks. Cut out the coffee, soda, energy drinks, and kool-aid. The sugar is terrible for the little babes and the caffeine is just going to take you back to #3.

5. Don’t talk about baby names

At least don’t talk about baby names with people who are highly opinionated. Not only do you have to worry about people stealing your name ideas, but you also have to listen to them tell you how terrible your picks are.

I have came up with every name under the sun, or so it seems, and everyone has an opinion about it. (They’re normally negative opinions.)

Remember, this is your baby. You’re the one carrying around a little life, extra weight, vomiting, getting exhausted by 12pm. You name it what you want to name it.

6. You’re going to be tired

You’re going to be tired a lot. Don’t feel bad if you need a mid-afternoon nap every day, you’re growing a little human inside of you. Take it easy. By the second trimester, you should start to gain some energy back. Maybe. But honestly, you’re a mom now. You’re going to be tired for the rest of your life. 

7. Research your insurance plan

There will be times when you visit your OBGYN and the front desk tells you to pay for something that’s already covered under your insurance plan. Make sure you research the ins and outs of your plan so you don’t end up overpaying. My doctor charged me twice for things I didn’t have to pay for and gave me attitude about it too. Don’t be afraid to fight back. Grow a backbone. The front desk clerk will probably try to dehumanize you and make you feel like an idiot but if you come prepared, you can put her back in her place. (Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to you, I think I just chose an awful doctor’s office.)

8. Your going to fall in love

If you’re in a serious relationship, prepare to fall even more in love with your partner. Knowing that my husband and I created this little miracle out of love melts my heart over and over again. You may catch yourself staring at your unborn child’s father a lot more these days. Completely normal. I seriously feel ten times closer to Eric then I ever have before. 

Being pregnant is hard.

Being pregnant is hard and the first trimester is seriously a challenge. Try your best to enjoy those little moments over the toilet while your partner holds your hair. Take advantage of the little bump you have and eat that second plate of food you’re craving. You’ve only got nine months of this until you’re blessed with a beautiful little gift of life. 

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