New Instagram & Snapchat Features Parents Need to Know

Snapchat and Instagram just announced new features for each platform. We created this guide to bring parents up to speed on the new Instagram and Snapchat features that are sure to be popular with teens.


Sharing stories is one of the newest Snapchat features

  • A new Snapchat feature allows users to share Stories to their other social media accounts or through text and email
  • This new feature lets non Snapchat users see Stories content through a web page
  • Content shared via a link to a web page will still disappear like regular Snapchat Stories
  • Snapchat Stories are short videos that users share with their friends that disappear after 24 hours
  • The new feature is not widely available as of this video but Snapchat will slowly be releasing the feature with app updates
  • If the Story was originally posted from an official account then anyone can share that story via a link to a web page

New Instagram feature introduces GIFs to Stories

  • A new Instagram feature will allow users to add GIF stickers to their Stories
  • Users will have the ability to search Giphy to find GIF stickers
  • Giphy is an online database that makes it easy for users to search for GIFs using descriptions

Why should parents care?

  • Giphy is not moderated which means students will have more access to inappropriate content
  • The new Snapchat feature makes it easier to share content to other platforms (even if the content was originally intended to remain private)
  • Understanding the apps your students are using is the best way to ensure they stay safe on social media
  • At the time of this video regular Snapchat account Stories will not be shareable–but if parents become aware of this feature now then they can prepare their student for when this feature is rolled out to every account

What can parents do?

  • If your student has Snapchat or Instagram, check out our Parent App Guide page and watch our Instagram and Snapchat App Guides to learn how you can keep students safe on these apps
  • Remind your teen to never post on social media when they are upset
  • Teach your student to consider how their content might affect others before they post to social media
  • Encourage your student to keep all of their posts Light, Bright and Polite ™
  • Monitor your student with our new Footprint Friday tool that lets you track your student’s online footprint

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