7 Things You’ll Miss When Your Baby Isn’t a Baby Anymore


Someday, you really will forget about the exhaustion, the spit-up, and the diaper blowouts—and you’ll reminisce about these sweet baby memories. Yep, I just said that.

Trust me I get it.

When you’re leaking out of both nipples and it’s showing through your shirt, or you’re wearing spit-up stains from breakfast… it can be a little hard to remember that these early months won’t last forever.

But as everyone will tell you, those 2 a.m. wake-up feedings, having to be held twenty-four hours a day, and the constant “rock a bye baby” really do pass in the blink of an eye.

In their place remain only the sweetest moments of early parenthood, when smelling your baby’s head was as relaxing as a yoga class and when your arms hardly ached after holding him for hours.

This fondness won’t hit you for a while. My son is almost three and I’ve just started to forget how exhausted I felt back then. I’m still scheduling my days around his once-a-day nap but these are the 7 baby memories I will hold on to.

7 Things You’ll Miss When Your Baby Isn’t a Baby Anymore

1. The Baby Rolls

My baby was only 7 lbs 7 ounces but by three months.. those oh so sweet, yummy baby rolls were to die for. I loved kissing those chubby cheeks and softly biting those meaty thighs.

2. The Spontaneous Screams

My 2-year-old is absolutely capable of uncontrolled enthusiasm—but it’s nothing compared to the ear-splitting yelps of joy he let out as a baby. Like a tornado of happiness, his squeals came on strong, loud, and without much warning, as he kicked those chunky legs.

3. Breast milk-induced food comas

I loved breastfeeding my baby. Besides the built-in bonding time, it was widely respected quality time where I could catch up on TV, check email without any interruptions from the outside world. And then there was the beautiful food coma that awaited him at the end, a sweet slumber that never failed to calm fussiness or cure a bad mood. If only his after-school PB&J had the same effect now.

4. Adorable clothes.

Kimono-style onesies, footed pants, a sock with grippers on the bottom, clothes with animal faces on the bum—there’s nothing cuter than baby clothes.

5. The Stroller

I’ve come to appreciate—and miss—how much faster we used to move on wheels. Now that he’s a seasoned walker, he won’t dare be strapped down in a stroller. That’s probably why I refuse to take him grocery shopping these days. That is unless it’s Publix and I can bribe him with the race car cart and a cookie.

6. Oh-so-sweet baby smells

My goodness do I miss sniffing that baby head. The first time I caught a whiff of my son’s delicate, honeyed newborn scent, I was hooked. Let’s put it this way: It was so intoxicating that I found myself even sniffing his sausage-like toes.

7. All the firsts

I knew I’d want to capture the major milestones—rolling over, sitting up unassisted, a meal of solids, walking—but it turned out, I got just as excited for the smaller ones. And lucky for me, they happened virtually every day. Our first trip to Disney, his first playdate, the first time he tried a lemon, the first time his feet actually smelled bad—no detail or moment was too small for me to celebrate.

I can still remember just how in awe I was—and still am—of this child of mine.


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