An open letter to my son on Mother’s Day

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To my Son on our 3rd Mother’s Day,

From the moment I laid eyes on you, my heart was healed.

Your journey to me was written in the stars, long before I was ever able to read it.

You are perfect in every way.

Being given the job to be your mother is the greatest blessing I have ever known.

When you smile, everything makes sense.

I know our road ahead will have all sorts of hills and valleys, but I’d walk through fire to spend our lifetimes together.

I will always be by your side, and when it’s tough, I will carry you through it.

I want you to become whatever and whoever you choose.

I will love you through every single moment, even when I am tired, or frustrated, I will always be there for you.

Your happiness is my life’s work, and even when you are unhappy, I will give you the unconditional love you need to know you are supported in every way.

God chose you to be my baby boy and for that, I am forever grateful to be your mommy..

You are my heart, your life is my greatest celebration.

I hope you know, every minute of every day, how loved you are.

I hope it’s written on your heart, how precious you are.

Every single prayer I ever had, was answered the moment you entered my life.

Being a mother, is every bit as rewarding as I hoped. I cherish the responsibilities it includes.

I try to meet every moment with gratitude.

You are loved and adored, and each and every day, I will make sure you know how just how much.

Life will not always be fair to you, but it will prepare you to fully understand the reasons to celebrate joy.

You are my joy and I celebrate you.

You’ve healed my heart. You’ve made me a mother.

I love you, sweet baby, I always have, and I always will.




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