Our story: Life Happens When Your Busy Making Other Plans

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This story was originally written almost three years ago on my first ever mom blog called “The Pregnant Bride.”

I thought I would share our story with you all, and how I found out I was pregnant during wedding planning. (Right after I purchased my wedding gown!)


About four months ago or so, I had all of my ducks in a row. Eric and I were planning to marry on October 10th, 2015. I bought the most beautiful wedding dress, had all of my vendors reserved, the deposits were down, the wedding party was picked, and we were set to go.

The day I found out I was pregnant was the biggest surprise (and blessing) I could have ever imagined possible. I had actually been sick for a week or two with terrible food poisoning (I thought I had celiac disease. We even spent an hour in the grocery store buying gluten-free foods to alleviate the stomach issues.) However, to my surprise, it wasn’t a food allergy- it was a baby.

When we confirmed the pregnancy with the doctors, Eric and I passed the initial shock rather quickly and got really excited. His mom laughed when we called her and told the news- not like a chuckle- it was a full on laugh. She then proceeded to tell us that Eric wasn’t a planned pregnancy either and that everything happens for a reason. –which is my mantra in life. When I called my mom to tell her the good news I had to ask if she was still on the line a few times.

Of course she was super excited and happy for us, but she was also just as shocked as I was when I first found out the news. Soon after I got a paragraph long text from my mom’s finance telling me how mom was already planning her move to be closer to her grand baby and that she didn’t want to be called “grandma” ’cause that sounded too old- she needed a cooler name like “Pay-pay.” It overjoyed my heart to get both of our mother’s blessing.

For some reason when it came time to tell my dad I was actually kind of scared. I called my step mother first to feel her out and ask when I should tell dad. Kari laughed at my news as well, and told me to go ahead and just do it. It’s not like I was scared of my dad, because he always has my back, but I was just worried that I would disappoint him since this was totally going to ruin the wedding plans.

To my surprise my dad took the news incredibly well. He was so excited he called all my family members on his side and told every person he ran into in town. My granny actually called me yesterday and told me that Dad is stressed out about living two hours away from the baby and that he doesn’t want to miss his first grandchild growing up. Awww, Jason does have a soft side. Eric’s father and step mother were just as welcoming with the news. Suzi cried, and Cliff told me to not worry about baby names because he was going to name the child. I just laughed.

Our entire family has been amazing about the pregnancy news and despite our wedding plans, they are totally ok with a baby being the reason we push our wedding date back. Eric’s brother Sean and sister Kathryn have already told us how much they’re going to spoil the baby. Kat sends me pictures of babies all dressed up at least once a week and tells me she’s dressing her “perfect peanut” in style.

My brother Kyle was so sweet when he found out- he told me that he couldn’t wipe this stupid smile off his face. My baby sister Jaedyn is still in denial of the whole thing but she’s only 8 and SHE was supposed to be my only baby. The last sibling of the tree, Jake, he’s been so good at sending me baby name ideas. But he’s also warned me that I better have a boy OR else.

>So what did we decide to do when it came to baby before marriage?

Fortunately enough, we have both decided to wait until after the baby to have our dream wedding and reception. We talked about a shot gun wedding over the summer but I knew that I wouldn’t fit into my dress by then and I also wanted to be able to participate in the alcoholic festivities. (I like to have fun, okay?)

We have also discussed having a private ceremony between the two of us this summer to exchange vowels and then have the actual ceremony and reception next spring 2016. But it’s still up in the air. At this point we have decided that we’re in love and we made this baby out of love, so the rest will fall into place.

The pregnant bride
The day we found out, Eric made us take a “Pregnant Selfie” document our excitement.

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