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Living with Cancer

Thank you Pfizer for sponsoring this post. Join Pfizer’s This Is Living With Cancer™ initiative by sharing your story with #InspirationLives on Facebook and Instagram to support and inspire those who have been affected by cancer, and be sure to check out the LivingWith™ mobile app available via iTunes and Google Play.

Last time I wrote about cancer, I got a little lost in my feelings. It’s so unbelievably hard losing someone to that monster of a disease and bringing those memories back to the forefront.

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Today, I’d like to speak on a lighter note and spread the word about an awareness program and app made especially for those affected by cancer.

Fifteen years ago, there wasn’t such a thing as Facebook and its online support groups. There weren’t apps on our mobile phones; heck, people barely even had cell phones back then.

Fifteen years ago, it was up to my nana to remember her medication, to remember all of her chemotherapy appointments. She didn’t have a group of supporters to share her hardships with. She couldn’t keep track of how she was feeling. She did it all on her own.

Thankfully, all those hardships just got a little easier thanks to Pfizer.

Pfizer offers a national awareness program called This Is Living With Cancer™. For all patients living with cancer, the program recognizes the unique needs of people living with the illness and aims to support the complexities of the experience through digital tools and connecting supporters.  

Additionally, as part of This Is Living With Cancer, Pfizer offers LivingWith™, a free mobile app designed to help patients and caregivers manage life with cancer and organize important information in one place.

I took it upon myself to download the app and play around with its features. Since cancer has popped up a few times in my family, I’d love to have an app that I could share if, heaven forbid, someone is diagnosed again.


LivingWith™ is like having the program right at your fingertips. It was easy to download straight to my iPhone, and the features would be helpful to someone affected with cancer.

Some of my favorite features include:

  1. The ability to store test results and medications. Like I mentioned before, my nana had a tough time remembering which medications to take and when.
  2. An “emotions” journal/tracker so that you’re able to keep up with how you’ve been feeling. This function would have been helpful for us to track my nana’s moods and how they were affected by her medications.
  3. An easy way to find events and support groups nearby. Another feature I know my nana would’ve loved!
  4. The ability to read up on the latest news related to cancer and cancer research.
  5. The ability to request help from loved ones, such as asking for a car ride or help with groceries. This feature takes the cake!

I know that if this app was around fifteen years ago, I would’ve downloaded it for my nana. I can’t imagine how useful it could have been to have all of these resources right on her cell phone.

To learn more about Pfizer’s This Is Living With Cancer and to download the free LivingWith mobile app, please visit Patients and their loved ones also can find the initiative on Facebook and Instagram.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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