Mom Shaming & Cyber Bullies

Mom Shaming & Cyber Bullying

Facebook, and the internet in general, is ripe with mothers searching for advice and sharing their knowledge and opinions openly. That’s the beauty of the internet, right? And yet here we all are, well here’s where the trolls are.. wasting their time mom shaming.

**Note: If you watched the video above, the reason my friend was so upset with the non-vaxxers is because her son had contracted mumps and he was vaccinated!  (Yes- it is possible to contract measles and mumps if you are vaccinated, but the risk is very small.) Regardless- the beatdown of comments she received from her boast was appalling.

I can not put into words how much I despise the horrible habits that the internet has bred

What is mom shaming?

Mom shaming is when other people including relatives, strangers at the grocery store, other moms on the playground, etc., openly criticize a mom for her parenting choices, which might cause her to feel ashamed or doubt herself.

What are things that moms get shamed for?

Breastfeeding, formula feeding, medicated birth, C-section, adopting, going back to work, staying at home, using a babysitter, cosleeping, not room sharing, being a single mom, traveling too soon, choice of foods, screen time, being a helicopter parent, being a free range parent, not being involved in the school, not having a set schedule, etc.

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Dad’s Get Shamed Too

My husband’s friend Matthew was recently scrutinized for circumcising his son. A woman called him a “dumb shit pedophile baby monitor freak,” while another person called him “So sick and Sadistic and scary..”


The list goes on & on & on…

Why is it that people feel okay to do this? Especially on the internet like a little coward behind their computer screen. They call other parents horrendous names and accuse them of cruel parenting because of the way they choose to parent.

There is a fine line between nicely educating someone on something they may not know and straight up shaming someone for something you determine to be a wrong decision.

I have a general rule that I have lived my entire life – If you can’t say something nice then don’t say it at all.

All you mom shamers out there need to go watch Bambi a few times and get a dose of good advice. Mothers should be here to support and love each other, not tear each other down. So please, DON’T BE A MOM SHAMING CYBER BULLY. And stand up for other moms when you see this happening & help to stop the shaming.

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