Incredibles 2 Proves Parenting is Heroic, Too

incredibles 2

This past weekend Beckham and I had a mommy and me date to see Incredibles 2. I absolutely adored the movie and appreciated how real they got with parenting.

Parenting Is Heroic

Parenting is hard, but the Incredibles 2 proves parenting is heroic, too. Teen daughters interested in dating and then refuse to talk to you about it, young sons just want to get into trouble. There’s endless cooking (even though you’re somehow always short on milk), cleaning, laundry, and searching for batteries, only to discover that you’ve bought the wrong ones.

Oh and infants? They don’t sleep. They get into absolutely everything when your back is turned, which leaves you constantly harried and exhausted to the point of wanting to lash out at everyone around you.

Then, to top it all off, you often have to handle these chores and dilemmas all while working full-time. That is unless your staying home with the children, which may be even harder because you go crazy being home all the time while your significant other get’s to chase their professional dreams.

The Incredibles 2 (without spoilers)

Incredibles 2 picks up where the 2004 original left off, with the Parrs—mother Elastigirl , father Mr. Incredible, daughter Violet, son Dash, and tot Jack-Jack —saving a metropolis from bank-robbing baddie The Underminer. Or, at least, trying to, as their Herculean efforts wind up being in vain, with the villain escaping with the loot and the city left in shambles… I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for you but you will get to experience almost every aspect of parenting with the most relatable characters.

From the super-strong, protective dad; the flexible mom being pulled in all directions; the shy, invisible daughter hiding away; the son with too much energy; and then the crazy, mysterious baby… the Incredibles 2 was  funny, cute, exciting and heartfelt.

Parenting done properly is heroic ..something us mamas forget when we’re weighed down by nappies, baby food, and just bone-tired.

Society is finally beginning to understand just how difficult raising kids is, and the Incredibles 2 accurately depicts parenting  as an important, full-time job that’s not to be taken lightly.

Go see Incredibles 2 in theaters now!

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