Breastmilk vs Formula isn’t a Real Debate


Whether you breast feed, bottle feed, formula feed..whatever the case– it doesn’t shape you as a mother.

You learn quickly that once you have that screaming newborn in your arms, the whole breastmilk vs. formula isn’t a real debate because #fedisbest.

I’m so completely over mama’s shaming mama’s for the way they choose to feed. Your damned if you do, and your damned if you don’t.

Point blank, no one has a right to make someone feel bad for how they choose to feed their baby.

Sadly, it feels like there is this magical line of separation between moms… segregating us by if we breastfeed or not. It’s so v dumb.

If you do breastfeed and mention anything about it, you’re considered a “breastfeeder pusher.” If you don’t breastfeed, you’re “lazy, cruel, selfish, etc.”

Where’s the happy medium in here? Oh yeah, there’s not.

I, myself, mom of one, breastfed my child for 22 months. We probably would have kept going longer but I started to get scrutinized about how he was “too old for that”.. even from my own family. You can read about it here: Stop Telling Me It’s Time To Quit Breastfeeding.

I never formula fed because I didn’t have to. But I almost started to feel BAD about my breastfeeding journey because any time I turned around, there was someone commenting how it was insensitive for me to speak about it because they COULDN’T breastfeed.

Now c’mon y’all.. for those of you who think breastfeeding mamas are just trying to show off or belittle those who choose not to or simply can’t do it… 99% of us ARE NOT. We’re just f*cking amazed by our bodies and what they can do.

Look, I’m not the type to push breastfeeding onto anyone, but I AM willing to empower those who do breastfeed because I personally know how hard it is.

We should be able to celebrate this liquid gold. Chaaa feel?

Breastfeeding is not glamorous.

My friend Katie said it perfectly “BF is not all it’s cracked up to be. For those that choose not to or can’t for other reasons, good for you! You didn’t miss out on milk pouring out of your nips, lumpy boobs after waiting too long to pump, or constantly having to carry around everything but the kitchen sink to pump and store your milk. 🤦‍♀️”


Personally, during my breastfeeding journey, my body felt like it wasn’t mine. My nipples were sore. I leaked at the most awkward times and I was always hungry.

I had to nurse my child every 2 hours..sometimes every 30 minutes…and if i didn’t.. my breast turned into these hard, lumpy bowling balls..

I won’t even share all of the remarks I had to deal with at work try to pump every 2-3 hours.

Oh and your diet! 🍰 I had to cut out dairy for 6 months straight because it affected the baby. No birthday cake, no ice cream, no cheese.

IT WAS HARD. It was a struggle. But I did it.

And I like to celebrate it because I secretly loved every second of it.

I’m proud to be a woman that has the ability to feed my child with my breasts and I hope I empower other women out there that are scrutinized, or just scared.

Stop being so sensitive to breastfeeding… it’s what God created boobies for.

If you’re interested in reading more about my breastfeeding (and weaning) tips, click here.

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Author: Smother Mother Kate

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