How To Free Yourself From Negative and Toxic Emotions with AFT

“When we are no longer stuck in negative mindsets, we are free to create the life we desire.”

Have you ever heard the saying “To change your life, you have to change your yourself. To change yourself you have to change your mindset.” If you want to transform your fears, habits, and negative beliefs that hold you back, you have to make the decision to do so.

I was tired. I was tired of feeling sad. I was tired of letting negative, toxic emotions overtake my life. Not only were these negative emotions affecting me emotionally, but physically as well. I had acne popping up and I wasn’t eating good either.

I decided I wanted to change.

As mamas and as women, we have so much weight on our shoulders. Whether it’s trying to be a good mother or wife, or juggling our place in the workforce, or worrying about when he’s going to pop the question or when you’ll have a baby…it is not easy being a female.

If you’re anything like me, whenever you identify a problem in your life, you quickly pull out your phone and start googling ways to improve it. (Mrs. WebMD over here for realz)

So that’s exactly what I did.

I quickly dove in to researching meditation and how to ease my mind. I had remembered going to my first Yoga class last Summer when I was struggling with depression and anxiety. We had just moved to a new town and our world had completely took a 180 and my mind was racing in three thousand different directions.

I remembered the calmness I felt when I walked into that yoga studio. The teacher had lavender essential oil diffusing and the most calming music playing. The lights were low and there was nothing expected from you, except to be there, in the moment, and to relax. Maybe I needed to give meditation another chance.


But being a busy, full-time working mom, I knew going to Yoga class everyday wasn’t something I would be able to do all the time. I knew I would have to learn some calming techniques on my own to keep my sanity at bay. That’s when I came across the Aroma Freedom Technique.

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)is a technique that uses the power of scent to gently shift awareness away from negative thoughts, feelings, and memories, and to initiate a positive outlook and attitude. This results in greater confidence and inner freedom.

By using the AFT process, you can pick an area in your life that you would like to improve on and access the memory associated with that situation.

Because we store memories according to how we feel, we form our perceptions from that experience, which further forms and strengthens our beliefs.

This cycle creates blockage that can hold you back. When we release those blockages we can experience a greater sense of clarity, joy and possibility in living one’s purpose.

Here’s How the 12 Step Process of AFT Works

AFT consists of a twelve-step process to help you release emotions and memories that are holding you back and allow you to move forward. It is a simple process that starts with setting an intention or goal that you would like to achieve. One that you may not even believe is attainable.

You rate your intention on a scale of 1 to 10 and move through a series of steps incorporating your essential oils, which will allow you to move through different emotions that are limiting you. 

I use very common oils, such as Stress Away, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Thieves to help tap into my deep memories and emotions and release them to foster growth.

Here is what can happen when you go through the 12 step process:

  • Connect to the dreams that spring from your heart.
  • Identify and release exactly what is holding you back.
  • Transform negative believes and emotions with essential oils.
  • Discover how to permanently integrate deep change.
  • Make a daily habit of intentionally living and creating focus.

Aroma Freedom AFT

The Aroma Freedom Technique was developed by psychologist, Dr. Benjamin Perkus, Ph.d. and uses essential oils and focusing exercises to clear negative thought patterns that get in our way. It combines aromatherapy, energy medicine, neuroscience and the last 100 years of psychology into a simple 12- step process.

The sense of smell is the only one of the five physical senses that is directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain – our emotional control centre and also where we regulate our autonomic nervous system.

Grab a pen and paper if possible and choose a quiet place in your home to get started.

1. Reveal Your Intentions

Set your goal or intention and rate how likely it seems that this goal will come to pass (0-10). Recommended Oils: Clarity, Inspiration, Stress Away or the Highest Potential Oil Blends.

2. Negative Response

Say the goal out loud and notice the first negative thought that automatically comes up – the one that tells you why this can’t happen.

3. Feeling

Identify how you feel when you think about the negative thoughts. A feeling is one word.

4. Identify the Feeling

Identify and notice where you feel this negative feeling in your body.

5. Memory

Drift to an earlier time, it could be recently or long ago, when you felt the same way. Find a “snapshot” or “movie” of that time.

6. Renew

Smell and Remember. Close your eyes. Focus on a snapshot, feeling, negative thought, & body sensation while smelling Memory Release, Inner Child, or Peace and Calming (Optional Substitutes: Stress Away, Lavender or Frankincense )  Use a different oil if you choose to do another round of AFT in the same day.

7. Ride the Feeling

Allow whatever feelings that surface to just pass through you as you smell the oil. Ride the wave of emotion if it gets intense. See what happens to the image & how you feel in your body.

8. Notice New Beliefs

Notice new beliefs starting to emerge. Find the “light” breaking through the memory. Do you get any new creative ideas?

9. Rate Your Goal Again

Read the original goal. Rate it again from (0-10) based on how likely it seems it will manifest. If the number is less than 8, you may return to step 2 to identify additional negative thoughts.

10. Create Affirmation

Create an affirmation that expresses the new, positive belief you wish to instill.

11. Repeat Affirmation in Power Pose

Smell Believe or Transformation Essential Oil Blend (Optional substitutes Lemon, Peppermint) Repeat the affirmation for 2 minutes with confidence, morning and night, while standing in a “power posture.” Do this for at least 3 consecutive days or until you update your affirmation. Never stop doing your affirmations!

12. Take Action

Make a plan, and take action daily. When you have reached your goal, set another. Find what is in your heart and pursue it!

Balance Your Everyday Life Using AFT

AFT is a process that can be done quickly and be adapted to the daily life of any busy person. It will not only allow you to maintain clarity but also calm and balance everyday life.

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