7 Nursery Trends You Should Totally Steal

Expecting a baby this year? Or maybe you’re looking to do a little update to your current nursery or baby room. Have no fear, I’ve scoured the internet (let’s be honest– I’ve scoured Pinterest) looking for baby trends and nursery décor that are not only timeless, but perfect for your little bundle of joy!

1. Less is More

The minimalistic trend has been around since 2018 but is here to stay. Cleaner and simple looks for nurseries and kids room are the way to go. The trend is less clutter, less toys, less furniture, less everything. Photo courtesy of DecorPad.

Minimal Nursery

2. Neutral Colors

I know it’s hard. When you find out the gender, you tend to go a little crazy buying all things pink or all things blue. Well I’m here to tell you, neutral is the way to go and it’s totally in right now. Not only is it beautifully appealing, but it’s easier to put together too. Big store brands like Hobby Lobby and Target are totally on board with this trend, so you’ll have no problem filling up the nursery. Photo courtesy of Jillian Harris.

Neutral Nursery

3. Animals

Nothing is cuter (or sweeter) than spotlighting animals in your little’s space. I absolutely love the Rabbit trend that is taking over Pinterest right now. Paired with neutral colors and minimal furniture, you can’t go wrong with Peter Rabbit. Photo courtesy of Jillian Harris.

Rabbit Nursery

4. Natural Elements

Whether it is by bringing nature inside the nursery or by adding elements made of natural fibers, this year will be more grounded in nature when it comes to your kids rooms. Seagrass, natural fibers storage bins and hemp fibers are the perfect natural addition to your baby nursery or child’s room. 

natural nursery

5. Bold Wallpaper

The bolder, the better! Recent years have brought about a boom in creative wall coverings. Did you know you can even find peel-and-stick “wooden” planks to revamp your walls and furniture? Photos via the Glitter Guide.


6. Vintage Pieces

I love how some parents are incorporating vintage pieces into their baby’s space. Take for example this beautiful vintage diaper changing station.

Vintage Nursery

7. Desert Vibes

A light, bright space with a desert theme is a must. The added greenery and animal print rug makes it one of my favorite trends for 2019! Photo courtesy of Cowgirl Magazine.

Desert Nursery

While trend predictions are a fun way to get inspired about your newest decor scheme, the truth of the matter is, they’re really just that—visual inspiration. You’re free to decorate your new baby’s nursery in any color scheme you choose. Good design is good design, no matter when you’re putting a room together. What really makes your nursery special is all the love you put into decorating the room.

What trend are you decorating with this year?


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