What Kind of Mom are You?

When it comes to motherhood, are you a Silky Mom, a Crunchy Mom, or a Scrunchy Mom? Find out below!

Silky Mom

If you feel no shame in birthing your kid unnaturally, using disposable diapers or mixing your child’s diet with infant formula, then you must be a “silky” mom. It’s a not-so-new parenting jargon moms may encounter and here is what it meant to be a silky mom.

In layman’s term, silky moms are the modern moms. The jargon’s origin dates back as early as 2010, where Urban Dictionary defines it as:

Silky Mama: Modern mother who prefers medicated hospital birth, bottle feeding/part time breastfeeding, disposable diapers, crib sleeping, etc. One who follows the advice of established medical authority; often tend to be working moms who rely on modern products for convenience and time management.

She buys her baby food, uses Pampers and vaccinates on schedule.. She’s a silky mama!

Silky moms are proud to abide from the current norm, like approving their kids to do bottle-feeding or crib sleeping. Romper reports that silky moms are also the ones who let their kids undergoing circumcision, vaccination and other procedures standardized by authorities.

Silky mothers are also unapologetic in giving rice cereals, chocolates or getting a McDonald’s kiddie meal for their little bunches of joy every once in awhile. As for sleeping methods, cry-it-out is silky moms’ unanimous favorite.

In short, silky mothers are those who frequently rely on modern products and services for convenience. 

Crunchy Mom

In contrast to these moms are the crunchy mothers. The term crunchy is often associated with “hippies who like to munch on granola bars” but I beg to differ.

Crunchy mothers are the ones promoting all things natural. Breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, baby-led weaning, cloth diapering, so on and so forth. In relation to birth, crunchy moms are also those who prefer to do gentle birthing, water birth, lotus birth and even placentophagy, the act of consuming one’s placenta, whether encapsulated, raw or cooked.

Crunchy moms go against what is stereotypical, according to Kidspot. Often, their tenet is the more the natural, the better, even for instances that require medical intervention.

Moms who do not rely on pharmaceutical products because they prefer natural medicine? Definitely crunchy moms.

Plus, crunchy moms are also the ones who voluntarily opt their kids out of formal school because they prefer homeschooling. Crunchy moms are also avid followers of attachment parenting.

Scrunchy Mom

It does not end there. If a mom is somewhere in the middle, then that means she’s a scrunchy mom. By essence, scrunchy moms are just those who combine silky parenting and crunchy parenting techniques, hence the portmanteau.

What Kind of Mom are You?

Crunchy moms, silky moms and scrunchy moms may have their differences among each other but it does not mean there is someone superior among them. To each her own, so they say.

Every choice a mom makes is what’s best for the family. After all and despite the differences, crunchy, silky and scrunchy are all just labels, and at the end of the day, they are all moms.

What kind of mom are you?

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One thought on “What Kind of Mom are You?

  1. I’m a scrunchy mama! I vaccinate, cloth diaper, formula fed, and didn’t have a medicated birth with either of my two boys. I love this!


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