Please stop commenting on the size of my pregnant belly

I thought I would be locked and loaded when it came to pregnancy and parenting feedback this time around. But here I am, with my second baby on the way and loads of feedback from family, friends, and strangers that I did not ask for. 

The most annoying? How big my belly is. I’ve actually made it a point to not say my due date out loud because as soon as I do, I hear a snarky “Wow” as in, wow, you are big, and wow, that is a long-time from now, how are you going to make it.

Like, seriously if I hear it one more time I may pull a 2007 Britney and shave my head just so people can have something else to gawk at. 

The “bump” at 6 months pregnant

For one, I am 5 foot 1 inch and have a very short torso. Where do you expect this baby to go except for outward? But in all honesty, I’m now only about 90 days away from my due date and it’s expected that I would be quite large at this point. Especially considering that the baby is almost the size of a head of lettuce. 

I’m not sure why some people feel like pregnancy is an invitation to make remarks about a woman’s size, but after two pregnancies, I can attest that this is the case.

Pregnancy is a glorious miracle that should be celebrated. It is NOT an invitation to remark on the size of a woman.

If you know a woman who is expecting and feel compelled to comment on her pregnancy, ask about her or celebrate the baby.

Be tender and say things like, “How are you feeling” or my favorite, “You have that beautiful pregnancy glow.” –Cause let me tell you, nothing about my body feels beautiful right now. I can’t even see my hoo-ha anymore. 

Avoid the “When are you due” or another favorite “Are you having twins” Good lord, that’s honestly the worst and I’ve been asked twice now if that was the case for me. 

And yes, some of you might argue that asking about due dates or commenting on a woman’s belly are not intentionally hurtful actions, but that isn’t the point. What matters is how those comments make pregnant women feel. And they make me feel pretty crappy.


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