Science Proves Mothers Need Massages

Mama’s rejoice and don’t skip your spa day. It has officially been scientifically proven that moms who get regular massages, pedicures and anything else that rubs on those sore tired muscles are kinder, happier people. That’s right, according to Science, we would be a lot less prone to screaming into a pillow because the toddler flushed down 45 cotton balls if we just got a little … Continue reading Science Proves Mothers Need Massages

Breastfeeding Around the Clock

This week I came across a facebook status from on of my friends who just had a baby. She was concerned because her newborn was wanting to nurse around the clock. Here’s an excerpt from her post, thanks for sharing Emily. “Came home started nursing at 4 nurses till 4:40… I showered and cooked dinner he fussed on and off… nursed again for another hour … Continue reading Breastfeeding Around the Clock

8 Bedtime Snacks To Help Your Child Fall Sleep at Night

It’s been a rough week trying to get our toddler to sleep through the night without nursing. After hours of research I stumbled across an article published by Dr. Sears, one of my favorite attachment parenting advocates and doctors. According to Dr. Sears, giving your child a nighttime snack 45 minutes to one hour before bedtime, can maximize sleep inducing effects. Duh, why didn’t I … Continue reading 8 Bedtime Snacks To Help Your Child Fall Sleep at Night