6 Nursing Mothers Give Their Best Weaning Advice (Without CIO)

Been there, weaned that. For someone who’s been in a long-term relationship with my breasts, I knew it would be ...
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Breastfeeding your newborn

How to Survive Breastfeeding with a Newborn Baby

When I started The Smother Mother, my intentions were to share attachment parenting advice. But looking at my breastfeeding tab, ...
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Breastfeeding & Weaning My Toddler Update

Breastfeeding and Weaning My Toddler As promised, here is my most recent updating of the Breastfeeding Weaning Process of my ...
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How to Wean Your Breastfed Toddler Without Losing Your Sh*t

As much as I complain about people telling me it’s time to stop breastfeeding, a very small part of me ...
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Stop telling me it’s time to quit breastfeeding

Breastfeeding. The biggest topic of discussion among my family and the most awkward conversation with my friends. “When are you ...
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