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Circumcisions and ear piercings

Circumcised or Not: It’s None of Susan’s Business

Edit: When I first wrote this article, I was bombarded with angry moms and dads from all over the world ...
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10 Movies You Have to Watch This Year

Sure, a midnight kiss in your gold sequined NYE dress sounds cool but you know what sounds cooler? Sweatpants. Ring ...
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first trimester

8 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Get Pregnant

The first trimester was total hell for me. I hated it. I cried all the time. I was sick all ...
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Family Photos

Family Photos with a Toddler Equals Epic Fail

Oh mama.. You know all about family photo sessions. You know much blood, sweat, and tears (lots of tears) go ...
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Baby Registry Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Baby Registry [Cheat Sheet] from Real Moms

Earlier this week, my sweet friend and mother-to-be, Jess asked all of her fellow smother mothers to name their absolute ...
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An Open Letter to My Little One Starting Toddler School

My precious two year old boy, Tomorrow you will start Toddler School and no longer be home with mommy full-time ...
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You Don’t Get an Opinion on Parenting

As a mother, it irks me when people without kids have an opinion on how I parent. It's a jab ...
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Harmful Chemicals, Phthalates Found in Your Child’s Favorite Meal

This morning I received a text message from my grandmother-in-law telling me about phthalates and their harmful effects on children ...
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It’s True: Girls Potty Train Earlier Than Boys

Yep, it's true. Although every child is different, in general, girls tend to potty train before boys do. In a ...
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domestic violence awareness

One Brave Mother Recounts How She Survived Domestic Abuse

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we're breaking the silence. Did you know? 1 in 3 women have experienced ...
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Confessions of a Working Mom

Oh working Mama, I see you over there balancing work and family. Running late in the mornings because you forgot ...
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San Francisco- Sausalito

San Francisco: 3 Day Itinerary and How I Saved Us $360

In case you missed it, last week I shared how I survived my very first week long vacation without my ...
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Golden Gate Bridge California

How to Survive a Childless Vacation Without Feeling Like An Asshole Parent

It took me and my husband a full year to realize that we still had a honeymoon to take. No, ...
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Confessions of a SAHM: What Happened to My Tribe?

You begin life with a tribe. As a child, that tribe may be your parents, your siblings, classmates or friends; ...
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Child Vaccinations and Immunizations

5 Reasons I Choose to Vaccinate my Child

To be completely honest with you all, writing about this particular subject was hard for me. I try to stay ...
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11 Things I Did This Week that Made Me a Sucky Mom

Motherhood: You don’t get it until you do it.   So here’s the thing. Before I became a mother, I ...
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Stranger Danger- Child Safety Tips

Stranger Danger: 11 Tips That Could Save Your Child’s Life

Stranger Danger and child safety- one of the biggest concerns of parents around the world. We do everything we can to isolate ...
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Postpartum Anxiety

New Mom Jitters or Postpartum Anxiety?

Postpartum anxiety never crossed my mind when I became a new mother. Instead, my soul was awakened with a fire I ...
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Don't kiss my baby

Please Don’t Kiss My Baby on the Lips

Here’s a Smother Mother confession that I'm sure all mamas can relate to: I cringe when people kiss my baby ...
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Grief is like the ocean

Grief is Like The Ocean

"Grief is like the ocean. It comes in waves. Ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it's ...
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When You Have a Baby Boy

When you have a baby boy.. A poem to my son, Beckham. When you have a baby boy, you wake ...
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Unsolicited Parenting Advice

Unsolicited Parenting Advice- A Smother Mother Confession

So I have a confession. Are you ready? I secretly want to shove a whole banana in the mouth of ...
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Being the mom I needed

I’m Just Being the Parent I Wish I Had When I Was Young

I may tell you I love you more than 100 times a day. I’m not over exaggerating. I’m just being ...
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I choose Attachment Parenting

Attachment Parenting: Because I Want to Raise a Spoiled Brat

Attachment Parenting. Ah, it rings a melody to my ears. The hugging, the kissing, the cuddling, and smelling all the ...
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childhood besties

10 Reasons Why Your Childhood Besties Will Never Be Replaced

As we grow older and we try to make new friends during adulthood, we quickly realize that the connections just ...
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Sun Basket: For Moms Who Can’t Cook

I know moms and cooking are supposed to mix, but let’s face it. Not all of us are the Betty ...
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love my baby

Attachment Parenting: Let me love my baby

Smother mother. I jokingly use this term when referring to my parenting-style but in all seriousness, I mean it. (Well, ...
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The Not-So-Glamorous Side of a Work From Home Mom

So about today. Today, I was this close to losing my shit. (And if you could see me through the ...
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An Open Letter to my 18-Year-Old Self

Dear 18-year-old self, Congrats! You did it! You finally graduated high school. Something I know you have been looking forward ...
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