How to Lay Down a Drowsy Baby Without Having to Army Crawl Out of the Room

I love my fellow smother mothers. You know why? Because they ask THE best questions. Like how to lay down ...
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Cosleeping and bedsharing

How to Transition Your Baby To His/Her Own Room (without CIO)

Co-sleeping and bed-sharing-- one mom’s fear is another mom’s guilty pleasure. Me? I LOVE bed-sharing with my toddler. The baby ...
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8 Bedtime Snacks To Help Your Child Fall Sleep at Night

It was a rough week trying to get our toddler to sleep through the night once I quit nursing. After ...
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This Co-sleeping Mama Shuts Down Haters With One Brilliant Facebook Post

Disclaimer: Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing. It's like the plague if you're not on board with it. Some moms love it, some ...
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